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The Jewels of Elul Blog Tour is coming

It is with great honor, that I introduce to you the Jewels of Elul blog tour. I’ve been helping organize blog tours since 2006, whe

n I did two with Amy Guth to help raise awareness of her first novel. But this is the largest that I’ve ever worked on – 29 days, 29 bloggers and an international audience.

Jewels of Elul is a book released every year by Craig Taubman and Craig N Co. Elul is the month that proceeds the high holy days in Judaism and is devoted to reflection on the previous year. To help spread the word about the book, daily emails and blog with posts from well-known rabbis, celebrities and activists we are hosting a parallel online event – The Jewels of Elul Blog Tour.

Every day a new blogger will be writing on the theme of The Art of Beginning… Again or answering a few questions from Craig N Co. The best way to hear about everything is to sign up for the daily email. Follow the link from the email to the site and out to the blogger. You’ll get to read both posts. If you are inspired, you are welcome to write on this theme on your own blog.

This year the program is benefiting Beit T’shuvah, a residential addiction treatment center in Los Angeles. You can subscribe on Jewels of Elul to receive inspirational reflections from public figures each day of the month.

Who will you be hearing from this month on the blog tour?

UPDATE: Looks like Blog City and Safari don’t play well together and none of these links work. Check for links to every post.

Ima on the Bima, Aviva Brueckner from Making Aliyah, Chavi at Kvetching Editor, Cecily on Uppercase Woman, Dena at Jewette, Anna Tarkov, John Haydon, Michael Getty at Almost Jewish, Jewcy, Sidney from Hysterical Randomness, author and friend Matthue Roth, Marge the Maven, Dov Bear, Smussy Olay, shabbat host extraordinaire Jewlicious, Chambana Laura at Chambana Moms, Hey Suburban, Tamar from My Jewish Learning, She is the One, Hadassa on In the Pink, Alto Artist from On Chanting, Frume Sarah, Shawna Attenberry, Tiff at The Fem Geek, Mark from Invisible People, Avi Kaplan (my co-organizer), children’s author Laurel Snyder, Michebel, Namoi Less, Esti of Metro Imma, Lisa Colton of Darim Online, Jen Lemen from Mondo Beyondo, Yossie from Go Seo, the first Jblogger I ever met at Akira of Zinc Plate Press, Otir, Elianah Sharon, and Allyson from Frog Loop.

Whew. That might not even be everyone that is participating. Will you add a post during the month of Elul? We hope so. Follow almost everyone on Twitter by using this list.

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