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The longest day yet?

I’m not sure of it, but today might have been my longest day at the shop since May. I opened, so I was there at 6:30 this morning and I just walked through my door and it is 11PM. However, much of that was spent in transit, because we worked an ice cream social in Plainfield tonight.

Plainfield is not even a suburb, it is so far away from the city. It is a good hour and a half or two hours just to get there and it is only three or four to get to Decatur. Sheesh.

But we had a meet and greet for the PTO and it was a blast. I had a great team of volunteers, including a very chatty boy scout. We served about 1,000 people in under two hours of non stop, “WOuld you like strawberry or chocolate topping? Whip Cream? Sprinkles or nuts? a cherry?” Rinse and repeat as needed.

It was a test of physical strength, as I helped lift a chest freezer with the equivalant of 36 gallons of ice cream in it (12 3 gallon tubs scooped into 5 ounce portions). A test of emotional strength, as I battle my first cold of the season. A test of my ability to stay awake in a car when it is moving for more than five minutes.

I will now test my ability to go to sleep and hope that I pass with flying colors.

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