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The other side of the Barfight Debate.

Other than Jay, I have found two guys who would hit the guy. Here are their responses.

Bill–late 20’s, married, commutes to Chicago for improv.

I am most likely to try to provoke the other to hit me first, mostly due to the legal implications if I hit him and then he presses charges. I don’t really feel threatened by people ragging on me though since it usually just exposes an insecurity they have. He is putting himself in the position of looking like a pussy if I tell him he is all talk and afraid to hit me. Then he has to hit me or shut up because I will never let him live it down. I am certainly NOT leaving. I would not hit first since he is most likely TRYING to provoke me. I don’t really go to bars though and consequently do not get into bar fights. Alleviating myself of these situations for the most part. Of course if I was in a different town and could just randomly pound the shit out of someone who just wouldn’t shut the fuck up and get away with it then that wouldn’t be a bad option either.

Scott–mid 20’s, ex-roommate, writer and rocker

Under those circumstances, I would hit him (choice a). However, there are MANY mitigating factors (choice d). For instance, how close am I with this guy? Do I know him from my friendship, or somebody else’s? If so, do I care that I am punching that friend’s friend? Do I look up to this man or do I fear him, is that why I find his comments “condescending?” Circumstantial evidence aside, yeah, sure, I’d punch the asshole in that situation.

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