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The Roommate Search Begins

Here is the ad I’ve posted on Craigslist. For the record–I am open to moving to a three bedroom with two people, cause there are some great deals. I figure I have a couple weeks to decide if I stay or if I go.


This is chicago. Every time a lease ends, I have to decide. Do I move? Do I find a new roommate? Do I suck it up and buy?

My preference this round is to find a new roommate, so here are a few things about being my roommate and the apartment. Available May 1, you will sign the lease.

1. I have a cat. If you are allergic to cats, this isn’t the apartment for you. He sheds an awful lot and it has been much harder on my current roommate than he expected. So–no allergies. I am open to you also having a cat and in fact, would love to have another cat in the apartment. If you don’t bring one, I’ll probably get a second.

2. You must be financially responsible. I will not cover you this month. End of story. You must pay rent and your half of the utilities–on time, every month.

3. I prefer to live with men. No, we aren’t going to date. I just have had less bullshit when I’ve lived with men than women.

4. I don’t want to put up with bull shit. I have counseling skills, but I’m not your counselor. I’m not your mother. I’m not your girlfriend. We’ll probably end up being friends, but I don’t need to be your best friend.

5. The apartment is a two bedroom, one bath, decent kitchen, two living rooms (okay, a dining room and a living room, but I don’t have a dining room table–so it is a living room and a living room.) Hardwood floors, nice paint job. The large bedroom is $500 and the smaller bedroom is $495. I’ve been in the smaller room for two years and might want to upgrade, but I haven’t decided yet.

6. Money–deposit is $750, plus phone/dsl, gas (heating and cooking), and electricity. There is laundry in the basement–but I always go to the laundromat instead. If you want to do the legwork and reorganize the phone/dsl and bundle it with cable–I’m open to that, but I don’t care enough to set it up. If you need cable, you have to get it taken care of.

7. The bedroom is unfurnished, but the rest of the apartment is sort of furnished. I have a collection of ugly couches from past roommates. Ugly, but comfortable. I have bookshelves and books all over the place and keep my office in the living room.

8. Me–like I said I’m 28 female, white, college educated, jewish (observant, but reform), I manage a cafe and have odd hours, I’m also a writer and (like 1/2 of chicago) do some comedy.

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