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The Safe House – Milwaukee

i have been slacking in regards to keeping everyone abreast of concert news and other stuff that is going on in the “dando world”….

let me make up for it with this site:

head here and poke around. it is the homepage of the BEST bar in the world. the safehouse is a spy themed bar with themed drinks and food.

last friday i went up to milwaukee for the death cab for cutie / ben kwellar concert (both were very good)…. and ended up at the safehouse late at night. i had heard about it from friends, but did not know what to expect. – in short, you have to know the password to get in. if you don’t know it they make you do a little song or dance in the front room. maybe i should note that this room has a camera mounted in it and the bar has numerous televisions around… which means everyone in the bar gets to watch the newbies embarass themselves. (people like to applaud for newbies when they come in as well) — once inside i recommend the mixed drinks. they are very strong and you get to keep the glass. all of the drinks have names like “the 007”, “spies demise” or “mission impossible”. you should be warned that these are fun to drink and will mess you up severely. beyond having cool names, each drink has its own glass design. collect them all ! – at the end of the night they rinse them off for you and put them in a bag. neato. (don’t break them in a drunken stupor on your way home….. a friend did this on a previous trip with a large glass of his – oops!)

now the bar itself has more nooks and crannies then you can imagine. they just have cool stuff on the walls and the decor is incredible. i can’t even describe it. go for yourself it is worth just seeing all the crap everywhere.

on your way out – find the telephone booth…. put a quarter in and listen for the secret code to dial. dial it, and then wait for the secret passage to open and let you exit the bar.

phenomenal !

if you are in milwaukee check it out.

have a great weekend – i will be seeing grandaddy and the fire theft at the riv.

xo – evan dando

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