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There was this song about the holocaust…

In grade school our choir teacher had us sing a haunting song about the holocaust.

“Dance with me, dance with me put your hand in mine. Dance with me, dance with me, let our hearts entwine. Dance. Dance. Come dance along with me Let your heart take wing, Come on and dance along with me.”

Tonight there was a prayer that was new to me and the melody was the same. Since I have been immersed in the Warsaw Ghetto, it gave me the shivers and I almost started to cry. This song was so haunting and when we had to sing it again in 6th grade, it made me sick to my stomach. My sister and I knew what it was about, but nobody at Meadows did.

Now I think it was based on the melody of a jewish prayer, which makes it an even stronger song. I don’t know who wrote it or remember the title, but do remember most of the song–and I sang it first in 5th grade.

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