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1. Changes and updates continue to be made to This is an effort to provide resources to people who want to understand Israel’s side of the situation.

2. Friends are beginning to get called up from the reserves. I now know more people in the IDF than in US military, this strikes me as odd.

3. This Wednesday at Matilda, I’m getting together with rapper Ylove and local nerds, techy types, hip hop people and others. Join us?

4. This week I was asked “I keep hearing your name. Who are you?” and I answered with a short note, but it has been ringing in my ears ever since. Last night as I walked up to Guthrie’s to hang out with some friends from PresenTense, I was listening to my boot heels click on the sidewalk, feeling my long overcoat in the wind and standing up straight. For a moment, I had a sense that I could do something important. I don’t know what that thing is and it has left me feeling a bit down today.

5. I resigned my seat on the board of directors of my synagogue. I can no longer offer the time needed to participate, so decided to stop pretending that I could.

6. I got a haircut and regret it. I’ve kept it hidden under a hat today and can’t bear the thought of going out in public sans hat tomorrow. The old style was working fine, but I got swept up in New Year’s changes… ugh.

7. KoshaDillz would like you to check out his video–got up on stage with Matisyahu at a Hanukkah show.

8. I tried to make New Year’s resolution, but all that echoed in my head was “I don’t want to be the fool again…” Everyone that writes about making resolutions says they should be goal based and in positive terms. So saying, “I don’t want to be the fool again,” isn’t either.

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