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Things begin to improve

It took me a long time and a lot of tears this week to recover from my trip to New York. I had a busy, but fun, weekend. Printer’s Row Book Fair, a birthday party, a monster yard sale and the Ribfest. Then the week got going with one night off, then more busy busy busy.

The week finally started turning around on Wednesday with a shockingly good board meeting. I expected to leave in a sour mood, but left feeling quite good. Then last night I met with my new trainer. If you need a trainer at Cheetah Gym in Chicago, you must request Nate. He’s amazing. I’m sore, but in a good way. And motivated. I actually want to work out with him.

Today I spent the day doing research that made my bones ache. Graphic medical research. Tomorrow I’m very excited to go to a nerdy movie. We are off to Siskel to see Helvetica. After years of mispronouncing the font in my head, I’ve been faced with having to say it right. It is not Helvtecia (helv-tech-ee-uh) but Helv-a-tee-cuh. Or something like that. Anywho, I’ve been saying it wrong for years and years.

So, in summary, busy, busy, cry, busy, smile, anticipate, smile.

Oh! And did you know that Big goes to Paris to get Carrie? And that Charlotte adopts a baby from China? And that Samantha finally says she loves that guy? I finally saw the series finale of Sex & The City tonight. Three years later, but I finally saw it.

And, yes, I cried. Three years later, I knew the story, but I still cried when Harry brought in the envelope to Charlotte. Oh and when Big said Carrie was the one, but more for Charlotte and Harry.

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