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Things to look forward to…

So I don’t have internet or phone at home yet. While I have about 10 jacks in my condo, not one of them is wired, so it will be a few weeks without time to really write.

Things you will hear about once I have internet and come back from radio silence.

  1. The Budhist Bubbee–a jewish grandmother who is a practicing budhist and my next door neighbor.

  2. Hanging the Mezuzah with my Rabbi

  3. Spidey being a freak

  4. Spidey being loving

  5. Living in Boxes

  6. My new favorite diner

  7. learning to commute

  8. buying grown up things–like plate display racks

  9. getting rid of extra utensils that don’t match anything.

  10. general mazal changing.

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