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This is me, asking for help.

I just sent in a report to ROI120, two months late, telling them about all the progress I’ve made with Itza Mitzva and the grant we were awarded.

I’ve made little progress and I was too embarrassed to tell them, so I kept waiting. Hoping I would find the time to move the project forward. I’m very proud of the idea and I’m excited about the amazing collaborators who stepped forward saying, “Yes, I’m in!” But I’m disappointed that I haven’t been able to write a single page of curriculum myself. And since I haven’t been able to write them, I haven’t felt like I can ask anyone else to create their pages.

So… this is me… asking you for help.

I’m going to put the call for design entries up on CrowdSpring, but I need help with the curriculum. Either I need a co-leader who can really push forward or just a couple people to take the lead with writing. Here’s the original post about Itza Mitzva, a liberal mitzva study group. The grant allows me to spend $150 on design for the logo and $20 per mitzva curricula. (That’s $2 more than the traditional $18, but much easier to pay.)

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