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Those days when I hosted teas.

I’ve been retelling and remembering my Colorado days a lot lately. Yesterday it was about my boys, the 150 male freshmen that made up Camp-Snyder when I was the Residence Director. Yep. Of the seven people who were residence directors at Fort Lewis College, I was the one they thought would do the best with a building of 18-20 year-old guys.

More of that another time, if you remind me. Ginger bread houses, trivial pursuit, Jack-Ass, and “Um, Leah, we kind of got into a fight with the High School Football team.” Oy.

I was reading the Swiss Miss just now and saw a link to The Ladies Tea. Look at that, they took something I used to do in Colorado and made it into a business. You mean that I coulda been a tea organizer and that coulda been my profession???

At the time, I was living with 150 young men. I needed a jolt of estrogen and I decided the best way to do that was to invite everyone over for tea. I published a schedule and sent out the invites. I even designated topics for each monthly meeting. I asked every woman to bring a mug and then we just put the kettle on, drank tea, and dished about life. Something different each month and the crowd was usually a dozen or so women. Mostly college students, but some women worked at the college and the age range was 18 to 50.

It was fabulous. We even did a christmas mug exchange. Everybody brought a mug wrapped up and then we took turns exchanging them… Those were good times. Kind of reminds me of what I’m trying to do with Itza Mitzva these days. Get a bunch of sorta-like-minded people around a table and talk. See what happens, build community, make connections.

Guess it all goes full-circle, doesn’t it?

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