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I have been surrounded by great customer service this weekend, which always makes me quite happy. It started yesterday morning. I was sitting at Metropolis, prayer shawl in my purse and seriously planning on going to shul. I was also going over my to-do list in my head of primping that I wanted to do before my trip.

I did a quick Google and found the number for Soothe Your Senses on Broadway to see if I could get in for an eyebrow wax and (gasp) a bikini wax. Israel borders aren’t just with warring states, but also with the Mediteranean Sea. There might be a bikini involved, so for all people on the beach I thought it was only fair to wax.

Let me just say that Iwona (Ivana) is amazing. Need a wax in Edgewater? She’s your woman. I’ve been to Soothe Your Senses two other times (maybe three) and it has always been great. I won’t go into much detail other than to say the hair went, the skin stayed and I didn’t cry.

Today I had my second session with the World’s Best Personal Trainer at Cheetah in Edgewater. Again, if you are looking for one and a member of this gym, call and ask for Nate. He is amazing. Suddenly I understand why on earth people look forward to workouts and why you might use a physical trainer. Or maybe this is just the type of coach I needed.

Much like when my friend helped me reframe paying my mortgage as “putting money into savings” he helped me reframe my body. “The fat is fuel for your work-out.” Oh, that’s a nice positive way to look at it. He is big on building strength, learning how to move your body, and then the weight will come off.

In between good service experiences, I had a great day. I made a silly flag for Dubi to cheer him on at the Rubik’s Cube US Open . I was too late to cheer for him, but we did some revisionist photography with it anyway. From there we grabbed a late lunch and met up with (a now mutual friend) Bleu at the Siskel Center to see the documentary Helvetica.

Now that my body temperature has finally dropped, I’m going to start thinking about lunch. It might be time for some Thai. I’m also going to try to analyze the “simple, but impossible task” dream I had last night. A hunt for a decent yogurt before I went to the gym and other paralyzing adventures. We’ll see.

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