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Thoughts on Israel, etc, etc, etc.

1. I really miss wearing my crocs everyday. I wore them yesterday “for my commute” and then “forgot to change my shoes.” Today I wore my beloved Silver Pumas and felt like I wrapped my feet in straight jackets.

2. I was just rereading a post I wrote on $1000 Experiment last October about an imagined trip to Jerusalem. One I’d hoped would take place on my 30th birthday, but wound up happening this summer. Some things happened. I remembered how to get to the Kotel. I still like the way

Jerusalem smells. I did not get to wrap myself in a towel at the David Citadel.

3. I did eat avocados, allergies be damned. It was worth it.

4. I prefer Jerusalem to Tel Aviv or Haifa. Having a local be my tour guide made all the difference. I saw that there is much more to Jerusalem beyond the Old City. I think it’s important to know that. And apparently to walk it. I covered more ground by foot in Jerusalem than any other city I visited.

5. I wore that silly blue hat a lot. All I needed was to burn my scalp my first day in Israel, after that “hat on.” I also really used that SPF45 and got tan without getting burned.

6. I lost the silly kippah that I bought for my boss Rick. I can’t find it anywhere and moved around too much to start asking people to look. Sigh. It was funny and now it’s gone.

7. I made a photo set on Flickr of my favorites. Mostly they are favorites because of the moments surrounding them. There are other favorite moments, but I was minus a camera for a few days and only borrowed a camera for a few shots. What more can I say?

8. The best and worst falafel I had were in Haifa. I took the Carmelit up to the top of Haifa and then walked even further up the mountain. There I sat on a sidewalk and had fresh, light, airy, hot falafel with chips. And a cold coke. It was amazing. The worst? I won’t even mention.

9. I had a lot of kebab in Jerusalem. I liked it all. Israelis do a great job with meat. Yeah for me. I don’t mind meat so much.

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