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Three times is a trend

Two summers ago, I got to Tel Aviv, checked into my hostel on Hayarkon, had dinner and went to bed. I spent the next day sleeping fitfully and walking around Tel Aviv. I wasn’t much for company or chatting, just focused on sleeping and the heat.

Last summer, even though I was staying with people, I spent my first day in Israel sleeping and getting used to the heat. Terrible company to the people I’d just met in person, but excellent company to my pillow.

This year, I’ve accepted that how I deal with jet lag and Tel Aviv heat is by sleeping. Instead of accepting the hospitality of friends and then being unable to communicate, I booked a hotel with air conditioning. I got a great dinner last night with my friend and designer/programmer Idan Gazit, then got a good night’s sleep with a belly full of goulash. Got up today, took a walk on the beach, found some lunch and slept for the afternoon.

I don’t know if it is jet lag or heat, but it is how I roll my first 24 hours in Israel and I’m just going to accept it. Right now? I’m sitting on the balcony of my hotel room, drinking a huge bottle of water and about to head out to the Jet Lag Tweet-up just up Allenby.

Tomorrow? I’m off to Jerusalem.

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