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Time for a new neighborhoodie.

I’m getting close to needing/wanting a new neighborhoodie. I have my Schaal Avenue zipperless–which gives mad props to my home town. What? Did I just write that? Schaal Avenue is the street I grew up on in Indiana. But I’m thinking I might want something for the summer.

Now I’m debating between three choices. Super Scooper, Ice Cream Lady, and Challah Back.

Super Scooper is what we called my dad when we were kids. We ate a lot of ice cream in my house, but it was sometimes too hard to scoop. We’d call in the Super Scooper for help and Dad would scoop us 2-3 scoops of ice cream. We would then drown it in Hershey’s Syrup and mix it around and around to the perfect chocolate/vanilla blend.

Ice Cream Lady is because that’s what I am in my neighborhood. On the CTA sometimes people say, “Say hello to the Ice Cream Lady.” People don’t know my name, but they know I give them sugar highs with Scoops the size of Montana at the Shop.

Challah Back is a reference to the Challah I bake each week for Shabbat, but also because of my initial mispronounciation of Challah. I said the CH like Cheeto, instead of like Holler. My friend Jon always says, “Hollah Back,” so went I pronounce Challah right, I always think of him. So I want a hoodie that says Challah Back.

Now collecting opinions from the peanut gallery.

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