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Time keeps marching towards the newstand date of May 18.

Today I heard from my friends at Esquire again. This time it was to know where my copy of the June edition of Esquire can be sent. It is really happening.

As Kim and I were saying the other day, dating is a numbers game more than crossing the path of your soulmate. Or maybe increasing the numbers will lead to crossing the path of my soulmate.

Anyway, this ad in Esquire will put my numbers at EIGHT MILLION. EIGHT MILLION. Well, 60% of 8 million, as 40% of the readership are women. But women with brothers and male friends… so maybe it is more like 16 million potential dates.

Out of 16 million, I might meet Mr. Right. His email may also be bounced out of already full hotmail mail box.

sorry Mr. Right. Mr. Totally Wrong attached a video that was 8 mgs. Please resend.

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