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Today is Christmas.

Today I am celebrating a belated Christmas. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and Friday is New Year’s Day. Huh? While I was in London, I spent Christmas emptying student refrigerators of solid milk and sulfer-bombs that were formerly eggs. New Year’s Eve I was awake until 6AM or so, not having fun, but on RA duty and sheparding a drunk, naked icelandic girl back to her assigned room. Jealous aren’t you?

So, to celebrate Christmas, I hit the snooze button fifty times and then went and scooped Ice Cream. For me, going to the shop is like being on vacation. I get to talk to new people and some old people, drink yummy coffee, and have a bit of ice cream (of course.) I missed the shop more than just about anything in Chicago while I was in London. Although my friend Cathy sent me coffee, it wasn’t the same in a French Press as it is brewed with Chicago Tap Water.

Also on schedule for my winter break/easter break is finding a roommate, considering painting the common rooms, developing my film with me and Wierd Al (and Greenwich) and voting for my friend Scott to win $10,000. He better split it with me 1%/99% . Right? Dude can spend $100 bucks on me, right?

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