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Todos somos Madrilenos.

We left the building at 11:20 AM. Four spanish students, myself and Maureen. We walked to the Spanish embassy with candles, flowers, and the spanish flag. We gathered some people on our way, doubling our numbers. We did not chant or sing, we just walked to the embassy, lit some candles, laid the flowers, and were allowed in to sign the visitor’s book. Many people had been to the embassy since the bombings. Wax covers the steps under the cover of countless bouquets. Notes in Spanish and English are attached to the boquets and drawings from children who barely understand terrorism, but do understand hope.

Then we walked back to the building. We kept the flag displayed the whole time and people took notice of our little peace walk. A few waved, a few honked, and a few children ducked under the flag. It was nothing big, it did not compare to the marches of millions in Madrid. However, in our hearts, we were all Madrilenos for one hour.

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