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Too Much Information Warning

I did it.

I brave the salon doors and told the man behind the counter, “I’d like to make an appointment at the Salon.” “Yes,” he replied, “What can I schedule you for?” “Er, um,” I looked for a woman to make the appointment with, “I’d like a bikini wax.” “No problem, would 2:00 work?” “Yes, 2:00 would be fine.” “You’ll be with Ana, see you then.”

I had to tell a man that I wanted my hair ripped out using hot wax and linen. By a stranger. In a foreign country. Okay, it’s London, it isn’t really so foreign anymore.

I ran up to the Pret A Manger for a quick lunch before getting the waxing. Because you should eat before a waxing, right? You should also schedule it as soon as possible so you can’t fret about and get worked up.

Then I returned and was told to wait and get more nervous and more anxious. WHAT AM I DOING? WHY AM I PAYING FOR HAIR TO BE RIPPED OUT?

“Leah? I’m Ana. Let me go get the treatment room ready and I’ll be right back.”

They have a treatment room for these things. A room. It is a treatment.

I went into the lowly lit treatment rooms and prepped myself as asked. I took off my shoes and socks and trousers and then I covered myself with a towl and waited for her to return. When she came back, we talked about my current hair removal procedure and what I wanted done. I stopped her halfway through the word Brazilian and told her ix-nay of the Razilian-bay. Just a Bikini Wax, thank you.

Most useful tip: Talk. Look at the ceiling and talk, talk, talk away. I talked about speed dating and living in chelsea and other random things while she applied the warm wax and silently ripped off the hair. Ouch. Eek. It was better than, “one, two, three, go” Just apply, linen, rip. Apply, linen, rip.

It was like the pain of having your eyebrows done, but you walk out without a red face. Well, if you are embarassed by having had the treatment, you might be blushing. But a profession will make sure you don’t feel embarrased, it is just like getting your nails done or your teeth cleaned.

So, yeah, brave the man at the counter with the appointment book and get waxed. It beats trying to shave in the shower without your glasses on.

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