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Totally Random Compliment

I think that giving compliments is an art that is difficult to master. My friend Debbi in New Mexico is one of the best compliment givers I know. I strive to be like her, but am stingy with compliments. I don’t know why, but it is a character flaw. I am much better with sound advice, but that is probably also a character flaw.

Last night I was drying my hands at the automatic drying in the bathroom of The Daily. Two women had just finished a conversation about the second’s Prada Purse. The Prada Woman got behind me in line for the dryer and said, “Are those Seven jeans?”

“What?” I asked.

“Are they the brand Seven?”

“Um, no, they are from Lane Bryant (FAT JEANS).”

“Oh. Well your ass looks great and I don’t mean that in a queer way.”

“Thank you, I’ll take it.”

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