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Totally Ridiculous New Mobile Phone

Walking into the Verizon store I knew I wanted two or three things from my new mobile phone.

1) Flip Phone–no more reprogramming itself in my pocket. 2) T9 smart text like I had in England 3) Color display that looks smarter than the phone really is.

What did I walk out with? What did I walk out with for FREE?

A flip phone with a CAMERA.

ooooh, I have coveted the camera phone since I was in Tokyo and realized the freebie phone was a camera phone. If the technology exists and it can be for FREE in Japan, then I WANT IT. Want being the operative word, I don’t need a camera phone, but I wanted one. And they GAVE it to me.

I took lots of pictures of walls and my cat last night. Maybe soon, I’ll go undercover on the el and take pictures of the masses.

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