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Trying to get this house together.

I’m doing laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, swiffering, dusting, cloroxing, bleaching and other things in an effort to get this house together. As anti-social as I was this week, I didn’t do these things. I sat on the couch and read another accidentally jewish book. The White Rose which I finished up last night. Now I need to go back to the bag of books and see what is in store for me. There is one obviously jewish book left to read and a few others that will probably be accidentally jewish as well.

Did I always read books with jewish protagonists and just not notice it? I want some little Star of David stickers that I can put on the spines of all the books in my library that turned out to be about judaism in some way. I know that seems wierd, but when I write my book–Accidentally Jewish–I will have an Accidental Annotated Bibliography. And I need to remember what books were accidentally jewish–from the good to the bad. Like The Virgin–that was accidentally Jewish, but a terrible book. Yuck. Then there was the Geisha’s Grandaughter–about Japanese-American soldiers who liberated death camps in WWII. The White Rose, all of Jennifer Weiner’s books, The Center of Everything, and a number of others.

BUt in the midst of a week spent reading, I ate un-dinners. Gross food that shouldn’t pass my lips. Three nights in a row dinner consisted of crackers, cheese, and spinach dip. I can’t handle that much dairy once a week–but to submit myself to it for an entire week? What was I thinking? Then last night–to avoid dairy–I had Doritos and Wine for my shabbat dinner. That is pathetic. Better than the night when I had a Newcastle and Oreos for dinner.

And now, instead of doing the cleaning I was doing, I’m writing. Okay, back to cleaning.

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