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Trying to write

I’m not so sure I’d call it writer’s block, but I’ve had trouble writing lately. Good thing or bad thing, it’s the thing. At work I would rather pick up the phone than send an email. At night I’d rather be with people than with my notebook or laptop. April only had one or two smiley faces on it for working on my novel, May doesn’t have a single one.

I have a post due to 60 Bloggers on May 14 . I jumped all over the chance to write about Israel, but tonight I admitted to a group of people that I hate to talk about Israel. I love to talk about being in Israel, eating in Israel, sleeping in Israel, laughing in Israel, walking in Israel, and praying in Israel.

But I hate talking about Israel. About the government and the wars. About the challenges and the history. I don’t think I’ll ever know enough to talk about it, but I’m want to shout from the rooftops about Israel and defend her. I almost threw a grapefruit at someone once for talking smack against Israel.

But I don’t.

I talk about eating and walking and laughing and praying in Israel. I think my 60Bloggers post is being born tonight. I need to go write it.

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