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Trying to write for days.

I’ve been trying to write a post for days, but it keeps ending up in the shredder that is the delete button. Oh, there might be a draft somewhere, but nothing worth publishing.

1. I was not in a Yom Kipur state of mind until yesterday afternoon. That’s kind of a problem since YK started on Friday night. Once I was up on the bimah preparing to read Haftarah and stood to face the open ark whio we sang Avinu, Malkenu (Our Father, Our King) and I felt the full force of the congregation behind me… then I was in the proper place. I got goose bumps and was suddenly exactly where I needed to be at 15-16 hours into the fast.

3. I’m very nervous, excited, scared, and zen all at the same time about tomorrow night’s blogger meet-up. I must remember, “The people that come are the people who were supposed to come.”

4. When I run the world, magazines will stagger mail dates or subscribers will be able to choose mail dates. How much better would my magazine life be if all four didn’t show up the same week. I end up overwhelmed and not really reading any of them. I prefer one a week.

5. $600 for a hotel room? Are you kidding me?

6. Bagel and lox is a much more appropriate break the fast than chinese buffet. No matter how fun the company at the buffet, my stomach reacted much better to bagel, lox, hummus, and veggies than it did egg drop soup.

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