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Turning my life into fiction.

Like I said in the below post, my friend Adam sent me a CD that screamed soundtrack. It was up to me to find the story. Since my blog was down and I couldn’t obessively write non-fiction, I sat down with the CD and a notebook. I jotted down what sort of scene went with each song. I got through about half the CD, before I saw what was emerging.

The story that happened is the story of our friendship. Adam is older than me, five years to be exact. He was a DJ and I was a listener. I called and made a request, he played it, friendship occured. He was very important in my world and I was marginal in his. Then our friendship disappeared for a few years and after I moved to chicago, it was renewed over email. While my heart no longer drops to my stomach when I see his name in my inbox, he remains an icon of my high school years.

So I got back into the zone and wrote. I wrote hard for 12 hours. Finding the true moments and the didn’t quite happen moments and the never happened but would look good in a feature film moment and have strung together my first screen play. It actually has a beginning, middle, and end. A conflict that is resolved, nicely, in the final scene. And thanks to Adam, a soundtrack.

This is the first actual full story I’ve written in the last year or so. With Kim, I write a new scene each week. A scene that would be perfect in a movie, but only just one or two scene. I am proud of myself to see that I have the chops to crank out a 40 page screenplay.

I am a writer. I write screenplays. I live in London.

Trump that.

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