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Two Artists

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a couple shout-outs to the artists from last night. The primary exhibit at Packer Schopf Gallery was Toni Hafkenscheid’s Not To Scale. I got up close, I stood across the room, I read the artist’s statement and I still never felt convinced that these weren’t models. (Railroad models, not hot sexy models.) It’s been awhile since a photography exhibition really caught my attention, so wander that way if you are in the West Loop.

Also, there were three embroidered panty liners by Laurel Roth . Two were named after different birth control’s and the one I loved was called Fast Girls. Women’s cycle is really one of the last taboos out there and this one just made me laugh. It was a great reclaimation of something we all try so hard to hide.

In other news. I met a friend for burgers at Moody’s Pub and we got to sit on the patio. Ah… nothing says spring in Chicago as much as your first trip to the Moody’s Patio. In March no less!

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