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Two books done.

This morning, before my flight from Phoenix to Chicago, I bought In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weimer. She also wrote Good in Bed, one of the many accidentally jewish books I’ve bought in the hope to take a break from jewish texts. I’d been considering it for some time and was glad I read it today. Yep, front to back today.

It was one hell of a world to spend the day in–maybe not a fun place, but a well written place. An honest, emotional place. Her leading ladies aren’t perfect–in body or in emotions. They come from real places, real apartments down the hallway from me. Hell, they come from my apartment.

After I finished In Her Shoes, I then read the last two chapters of I’m not the new me by Wendy McClure. Another good quick read. One I regretted started a day before vacation–because i couldn’t finish it before I left and didn’t leave enough for the flights out to Colorado.

I don’t have a fantastic critique of either book. Simply–I appreciate, enjoy, and welcome books with honest leading ladies–fiction or non fiction. Someday I hope to add a book on the shelf next to theirs. I envy Wendy McClure for having the first blog memoir published and I envy that Jennifer Weimer’s quote is on her cover. I’m also excited for both of them–that Weimer continues to write best-sellers and that McClue has written what can only become a best seller.

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