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Two seders down, one week to go.

Tonight after I left the congregational seder at my temple, I headed to Jewel. I had to get some breakfast food that is kosher for passover. I totally blew it today. I forgot that croissants are bread too and didn’t have an alternative breakfast planned.

After I got inside the Jewel, I got out my phone and called Ronnie. “What can I eat for breakfast that is kosher for passover? Oatmeal? Help!” Ronnie kindly re-explained the rules and finally offered some suggestions, because I just wasn’t coming up with anything. I know have cream cheese, matzah and fruit cups. Tomorrow will be kosher, I hope.

I’ll write my seder reviews tomorrow. Let me just say that I had a blast last night at the Improv Seder. It was the most fun you could have at a religious ceremonial dinner. Even without the required wine, I think it still would have been great. While I find rooms of total strangers intimidating, once the seder started–it didn’t matter. Besides, inviting and being kind to strangers is part of the whole jewish thing.

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