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Two weird things about my body.

Weird thing number one: I am getting feeling back in my toes!!!! I wore flats all week, just like my doctor said, and last night I noticed a new sensation in my feet. Sensation–not numbness, not lack of, but sensation. It really was reversible damage. Hooray for flats! Goodbye high heels, I loved you. Hello slightly shorter men, you can now love me without fear of three inch heels. I’d rather have sensation in my feet than tower over you anyway.

Weird thing number two: Number Two has been much more regular since my conversion. I wonder if it was the stress of the whole thing, but every day (I sound like I’m 70 and I embrace that) since my conversion.

I just like it when my body works and this week it is working. The last thing I have to do is quit drinking Shiraz, I think it has more sulfites than merlor and it makes me flushed. Bad shiraz, bad bad shiraz.

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