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Under Cover Ice Cream Mission

From time to time I go on undercover missions to other ice cream parlors. Tonight, I took Jessica and Melissa (my mentee & cuz) to Margie’s on Western. Margie’s is a Chicago staple that has been on Western Ave for 83 years! it is small parlor with table service and amazing toppings.

I had the Honey Comb Chip Chocolate Banana Split. So a banana split with chocolate sauce and a honey candy (sort of like butterfinger, only different.) Mmmm. And a cup of coffee, probably Stewarts. They are served by an aging service staff in black pants, white shirts, and vests and the container is a seashell shaped sundae bowl.

The hot fudge is home made and is quite nice, it covers the low quality ice cream. Too much air, not enough fat. If I have out of town guests (who have spent adequate time at Sweet Occasions) then I might consider taking them to Margie’s. Maybe they want a Phosphate.

On a side note: I saw Godsend. AMAZING! LOVED IT. Went expecting to hate it and be bored out of my mind and was totally blown away. Wow.

On a side side note for chicago folks: I took the Damen bus from Lawrence to Division, picked up the girls, took the division bus to western, the western bus to the AMC, the western bus to Margies, back on the bus down to Division, Division to Damen, and then back on the Damen bus to head home. That is an awful lot of bus time for one day. Now I’m going to go to bed. I gots to be at the shop at 6:30 tomorrow morning.

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