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It wasn’t the first time, and I very much doubt that it will be the last.

A client who was new to massage, a woman in her late fifties who I had just met, urged me to prepare myself for the “ghastly” sight of “all [her] flab.”

Another woman, 40 weeks pregnant at the peak of summer and suffering fatigue, cursed aloud and covered her face with her hands when she realized that she hadn’t shaved her legs before her massage. I have not, myself, ever been 40 weeks pregnant, but the logistics of shaving one’s legs at that stage seemed daunting, and I felt like she’d planned to undertake a heroic task on my account and was cursing herself for falling short. To those who want to make that effort, more power to you! But here’s a secret: whether or not you shave your legs, whatever the reason, I…

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