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Up for grabs–plus size semi formals!

I have been lucky enough to be the bridemaid in three weddings and have some dresses available for sale. While I will never wear them again, the brides did have good taste. Plus, if you need a plus-size prom dress or have a military formal, these would be great. They will be available on Friday–as I’ve taken them all to the dry cleaners.

The Maroon One. Von Bramlett size 24. It is evergreen with an empire waist. I got it through the JC Penny bridal selection. The top is velvet and the bottom is polyester–it doesn’t have layers, just a very simple empire waisted dark green dress. It has cap sleeves and a tiny bow under the chest. Zipper up the back. The skirt has a couple snags, but nothing too bad. I paid $125 and wore once. Dry Clean Only. $50 Cash.

The Green One. Hand made to my exact measurements in 1999. It is maroon, probably polyester, lined (very nice detail there) and full lenght. Again, it has cap sleeves and kind of a heart shaped neckline. There is a lot of fabric in it and someone could do something fantastic with it. It has some snags, as I’ve moved it across the country twice, but is in decent condition. I would say it is a large 20, maybe a 22. The skirt is very, very full and full length. Dry clean only. I paid $150 and had it made to order, selling for $40 cash.

The Purple One. My favorite bridesmaid dress, because my sister gave me free reign. It is a two piece combo from David’s Bridal. It is a dark purple. The skirt is full length and is a layer of chiffon (you know, that netting for formal skirts) over a satin inner skirt. The top is jewel toned and shiny purple and is a halter top. It has some corset bones and rhinestone buttons and has a collar. The top is a 24 and the bottom is a 22. The bottom has some snags, but nothing major. once again, dry clean only. Paid $200, sell for $75 cash.

Unfortunately, the only digital camera I have is my phone and I tried and the photos were very bad. They are from 99 and 01. They are all in pretty good condition, some snags. I think there is room for a plus size woman to do some good work with a seamstress, easy to update and lots of fabric in the skirts to play with.

All the colors are rich and darker.

I hope they will work for you! Leah

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