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Very delayed reviews

Back in January, I was sent two books to review and I just realized I never told you about them. Thankfully this isn’t a book review blog or I’d be in big trouble. I’m always honest with publicists that I may or may not review the book and I’ll write an honest review. I got these books right before I headed on a women’s retreat with my synagogue. Perfect timing, since both are women-centric.

This is a lovely little book full of stories written by women reflecting on their first periods. Periods that started in the 1930s to periods that started on the cusp of the new century. Personally, I connected with the stories from peers that first learned about periods from Are You There God It’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume. A generation of women that were confused to find wings and not belts when it was time to shop in the women’s aisle.

Reading this book at a women’s retreat was perfect. It was a great conversation starter and got lots of laughs as we started to tell our stories. I’d say take it on a retreat or pull it out at your next girl’s night in. Use it as a jumping off point or give it as a gift to a young woman on the verge of her own first period.

I was not the audience for this book. It is about dating again after the end of a long relationship or long-term marriage. I couldn’t relate in the slightest. However, I passed it along to another girlfriend who is a mother of college students and in her second marriage. She said that she wished she’d read it when she was dating after her first marriage and that it did contain useful information and advice.

So… I’m not the audience and I didn’t read it. But my married-again friends say this is worth a read if you’re ready to get naked again.

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