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Vexed by my toilet.

In the middle of a bathroom cleanapalooza, the toilet broke. Since I 1) live alone 2) only have one bathroom 3) lost my upstairs neighbors to Ravenswood 4) am single and can’t go crash at my boyfriend’s place and use his toilet 5) own the condo and don’t have a landlord to call and complain to, I put on my shoes and headed to Home Depot.

I’d have gone to Clark Devon Hardware if they were open, but they closeat 5PM. It was 6PM. Drat. I took a photo of the alleged broken piece and when I got to HD, I realized the photo was useless. And for the most part, so was the staff.

Apparently I had my invisibility cloak on and the dude who later helped me walked right into me while he was helping MEN with PLUMBING PROBLEMS. Cue laughter. I wound up buying a new wrench and a fill valve. Two hours later, I’m home.

I walk into my apartment and hear the distinct sound of a toilet running. It fixed itself while I was spending two hours on the damn train buying a new part. ARGH! I’ll probably still replace it, but now I at least don’t have an emergncy on my hands. I did, however, lose two good hours of laundry time. Drat.

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