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Viva NashVegas!

The house-keys have been passed to someone that will not Edgar me and the keys to the Lincoln MKS are in my pocket. Yes, my friends, it is time for my social media road trip with Amy Guth AKA Viva NashVegas!

The Scoop

The car is on loan from Ford Motors – under the rules of a press loaner. Squeee! I was given my choice of 7 Ford cars, but given the time frame, the luxury Lincoln MKS was all that was available. I said yes and started looking for somewhere to go and a reason to go there…

Announcing Pilcrow South!

Amy and I have been tossing around the idea of making Pilcrow into a franchise of sorts and decided on Nashville for the second location. So this trip is also a site visit to see where events will be held this fall for Pilcrow South. Don’t forget to come to Pilcrow Midwest in May.

Where will you sleep?

At the fabulous, social media savvy hotel The Hotel Preston where we’ll be hosting a tweet-up on Saturday night at the hotel bar The Pink Slip. (They are delivering a lava lamp to our room as I type!)

How can we follow along?

It wouldn’t be a Social Media Road Trip without a way to follow along. Of course we’ll both be twittering away, but here are a few things we’ve planned.

Listen to us on the radio – Blog Talk Radio is a site that let’s you do an internet radio show and we’ll be doing two of those for sure. Tune in on Friday morning from 9AM to 11AM Central and Sunday afternoon from 3PM to 5PM Central. There is a call-in number and everything. We have no idea who we’ll interview, who will interview us or what music our producer Andy Hannon is going to play music and handle answering the phone.

We’re working closely with the folks from Where I’ve Been to keep a map up-to-date with photos, links and videos.

When we can get wifi, we’ll hop on to Ustream and do some video. We aren’t doing video a la SleepOver 2.0, but we’ll be doing shows here and there throughout the weekend.

Of course, Amy and I can both be found on Twitter (@amyguth, @leahjones), Flickr (Amy and Leah), and our blogs. And thank you to Justin Wolta of Momma’s Boy Design for the sweet logo. If a road trip has a logo, it is going to kick ass.

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