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Voting: Take Two

I wrote a stellar entry this morning about my trip to the polls and the server ate it. Grrrr. This won’t be as detailed, since I am at work and shouldn’t be writing at all right now.

The basics.

1. My precinct had an increase in registered voters from 600 to 880. Absentee increased from 6 to 35. 2. I waited in line for 45 minutes to get to vote. 3. People were incredibly patient and good humored. Everyone was very excited to be voting in such an important election. 4. I woke up and it felt like christmas morning. I got chills when I passed the fresh lawn signs on my block. 5. I recognized a third of the people in line with me, my civic minded costumers. 6. The Election Judges were very organized and helpful. 7. I checked and rechecked my ballot for hanging chads. 8. I skipped voting on the retention of judges, since I am uninformed and that would be irresponsible. 9. It felt great to walk out, receipt in hand.

I’ll write a more touchy feely entry later, but there you go. Voting in my ward went well. Hooray.

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