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Wait, where are the photos?

We got so caught up with the whole sedering thing, that I only snapped one during photo and one after photo. Did I get one of my guests? No. Of my guests enjoying all the food? No. Of the hilarious afikomen search? No.

But trust me that food was enjoyed–the nice thing about a potluck is that everyone has one thing they make well, so everything is great. My israeli salad was maybe not a great fit for the seder table, but the matzah ball soup was perfect. Seriously, I’m proud of my cooking. Tamara sent me that great Matzah Brittle recipe, that wasn’t too brittle, but was well received by all. And the condensed milk/coconut macaroons? Also a hit.

Now I’m exhausted, but wired… so I’m gonna go lay in bed and stare at my ceiling until 2 or 3 in the morning. Chag semeach!

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