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Waves hello

In a nutshell…

1. Friday was my last full-time day at Edelman, today was my first part-time day at Edelman. Yes, I’ll be there 2 days a week for a month or so. I’m excited to stay a bit longer and help my team out.

2. I’ve started responding to queries, which are coming in via Twitter DM, email, comments and facebook messages. Part of the challenge of being a social media coach is that people can contact me anywhere. Going to take some serious training to figure out how to keep up with all the important messages everywhere.

3. I’ve set my rates and written my first description of what I’ll be doing. I’ll share it later this week or via email if you are interested.

4. I need a company name. One that includes the word media, but not the phrase social media nor my name. Ideas? I want it to convey my spirit, but not be too limited by the name if my course changes… which it might.

5. I was really overwhelmed by the amount of support I got from friends, colleagues and my family. After people asked what I’ll be doing for health care, they were excited and making introductions left and right.

6. I’m also doing a 9-day cleanse this week as part of my new year. So… you might want to stay out of hitting distance if you see me this week.

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