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Weddings & Celebrations

Friday night: I curled up with and two of my favorite Chick Flicks – In Her Shoes and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Saturday night: I curled up with the NY Times Weddings & Celebrations. Reading articles about couples I’ll never know and watching videos about couples I’ll never know.

Sunday night: I curled up with a new blog, The Wedding Spotter, and spent nearly 2 hours looking through the archives of wedding photographers. Photos of couples I’ll never know.

I’m not engaged, I’m not dating anyone (trust me, you would probably know), and I’m not obsessed with my biological clock… but I’m freaked out about the economy, recession, and all of my friends who are losing jobs left and right. My medicine? Wedding announcements, wedding photography, wedding blogs, movies with wonderful weddings…

Weddings and love do not stop just because there is a recession and I need that spoon full of sugar right now.

What are you doing to keep your blood pressure in control?

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