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I check my stats regularly. Looking for new highs, new lows, and curious peaks. Yesterday I had 377 hits in one day, more than I normally get in four or five days. I looked to see if there was a link with 320 hits on it. Nope. Without my invisible web counter, it was sure to remain a mystery.

Until I went to The Shop for my morning cup of coffee. I found out that my boss and the other manager spent a good amount of time surfing my blog and reading. That explained the 320 hits in one hour that my stats are showing. “You read last night?” In my head I’m thinking, “I wrote about my vagina and you read about it? SHIT!”

Where is my Eve Ensler Sensibility? I wrote about it and it is always in the autocomplete on the computer at work. I simply forget that people read this.

So anyway–just wanted to say welcome to my boss and my co-manager. This is almost as awkward as dating the Blog Reader.

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