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Went out on a limb…

Tonight I went out on a limb, but then climbed back to the tree. It was about 6PM and I had no plans. I checked in with a couple girlfriends, but everyone was busy. I’ve been so busy with High Holy Days, I forgot to make plans. Not like I have a raging social life, but sometimes I go out.

So at 6PM I put an ad on Craigslist. “Let’s go on a date. Send me some ideas and a photo and I’ll check my email at 7PM for an 8:30 outing.” Something to that effect, adding that I was tall and jewish–but not asking for tall or jewish.

When I got back from the gym I had TWENTY responses. One hour, twenty responses. Some were honest responses, some were one liners asking for my picture first. One was a guy that wanted to let me know that I didn’t have plans BECAUSE I was jewish. Thanks.

Luckily, no cock photos–which is what a lot of women complain of. I responded to one guy (Israeli) and started to respond to a second when my phone rang. Salvation in the form of a friend. Instead of a blind date, I headed over to Lincoln Square for Fish n Chips. I used all of my activity points and points left for the week. I couldn’t bring myself to include the points for the chocolate martini, but hopefully I’ll still lose some weight this week.

I almost had a blind date story for you folks, but in the end. No go. I’m just to wimpy to go on a blind internet date these days. So it is back to the drawing board.

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