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Were just acting… right?

Sometimes during improv, I have a scene that feels so real that I wonder… “Were we acting?” Yesterday Mick called, “Scene,” just before my scene partner and I would have kissed. I walked away feeling good about the scene, but feeling a little twinge of, “Um, that was acting… right?”

Cause if it wasn’t, I’d like to get the memo.

Other than that scene, including that scene, it was another great class. Chatting with Mick still intimidates the hell out of me, but being a student of Mick’s is wonderful. I feel very powerful when I step on stage, prepared to use the character he has given me. Yesterday it was “Bitchy CEO.” I don’t play high status and I don’t play edgy or mean.

The scene where I brought the Bitchy CEO out was very funny to me and I had a hard time not breaking. I was yelling at my corporate lawyer while having my #2 Edgar, bouncing around the room on a hippity hop. “DID YOU READ THE FINE FUCKING PRINT? DID YOU? Edgar, bounce here.”

I also played Paris Hilton–because I certainly never play sexy. And one scene where I only said one word at a time, almost always just repeating the last word of my partner’s sentence.

I’m loving it. Annoyance is fantastic and I’m going to miss it when we’re done.

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