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What a fun show!

If you are in Chicago the next two weekends (weekend defined as Thursday, Friday, or Saturday) you must hop on the red line and head up to the Heartland Cafe. Tucked away in the back of the building (entrance on Glenwood) is the BoHo theater space and each of those nights at 10:30 PM is the musical comedy Bad Guys in Suits.

About six of us, that I know, went last night and laughed our asses off with a full-house. A relief for the producer and actors who only had 2 in the house the night before. Let me tell you, Bad Guys in Suits is Chicago comedy worth the trek to Roger’s Park. (And if you are a Loyola or Northwestern student looking for something to do, it is worth the $15.)

The cast has learned to adapt to any stage and fits into this tiny black-boz theater quite nicely. The musical follows the very bad night of a group of trigger men (hit men) in 1933. The band is amazing and fun, the script embraces the insanity of the Great Depression and if you look a little deeper there is an allegory.

No matter how bad you think your job is, there is always something worse. So get on the Red Line, go to Morse, take the northern-most exit and get thee to the theater! Bad Guys in Suits is a laugh-out-loud comedy, written and performed by future local legends, and is a proof that New York theater has something to worry about.

Hobo Junction’s Bad Guys in Suits opens October 25 and will run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 10:30pm at BoHo Theatre @ Heartland Studio, 7016 N. Glenwood. Tickets are $15 and available at the door and by reservation at

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