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What a small world…

The phone woke me up this morning. I looked at the caller I.D., “312,” it is a recruiter. Act awake. So of course I missed the part where the recruiter said her name. But her voice was so damn familiar. I kept thinking, “I know this woman.”

I explained that I wanted to put my resume on hold until I see how this temp gig goes at Very Large Firm. “I KNOW this woman. If I don’t know her, she is at least south african.”

“And I have something else I should tell you. I know you.”

Ah Ha! I wasn’t in a dream induced haze.

“You were in my writing class weren’t you?”

How bizarre. Other than to sign up with two agencies (the reps being friends of friends) I sent exactly ONE resume out for consideration. And the representative working for that agency KNOWS ME?!?!?!

Do I live in a city of five million people or what?

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