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What am I thinking?

This morning I wasn’t able to get to services at my shul and instead had coffee while my air conditioner was being repaired. I know, I know… wait until there are seven inches of snow to get the AC fixed. I don’t always do things in the right order–but that is common knowledge.

I am about to embark on a dangerous mission–going to Field’s at WATER TOWER to get a Hanukah present for Ronnie. I went to Field’s on State yesterday, but they were sold out. They called Field’s at Water Tower and asked that it be held for me. Now I feel obligated to get my booty down there.

So instead of studying hebrew –I’m off to matieralism central of Chicago to pick up a present. The truth is, I’m not even sure we are exchanging presents–but it is simply perfect, so I have no choice but to buy it. I found it about six weeks ago and decided not to buy it, because I am incredibly impatient when it comes to holding off on giving gifts. The minute I have it wrapped, I want to give it. So this was incredible self-restraint.

In other news, I also finished reading the diary and letters of Hannah Senesh. She was a Hungarian Jew who made Aliyah in 1939 and wound up dying after parachuting back into Yugoslavia to try and free Jews from German hands. That is the short version. The long version is simply amazing. At some level, I feel like I’m reading my own words when I read her diary. Not to say that I have the courage to die for my beleifs or make aliyah–but there is a certain approach to the world around her that I find familiar. She is always passionately involved in her work, but questions, “Isn’t there more I could do? Is this the best way to use my skills?” As I’ve job hopped over the last five years, I constantly feel the same way. Is this the best use of my talent? Is this? Is this?

I know that most Jews are issued this book in religious school somewhere along the way, but if you have read her words–it is a must read. It has placed “Hannah” at the top of my list of baby names, along with Margalit.

On that note, I’m off to the lion’s den. I mean Water Tower.

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