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What happened?

I had all intents (so I thought) of having an amazing day. Somehow that didn’t quite happen. Why? I let a “reporter” get under my skin this morning as he was collecting information for his email newsletter. You know that nightmare when you’re at a party and someone is running around talking bad about you. That is exactly what happened. Except normally people whisper those kind of things, they don’t yell it. And I’m, perhaps, a bit too thin skinned for these things.

So I left. I mean, it was 10 and the event was ending, but I was also being needled by this guy. Argh! I wanted to meet new people (which I did) and have a great time (which I did) and leave in a great mood (which I did not.)

On top of this guy, who I will not name or link to, there was a small matter of not having any hot water in my building this morning. My hair can sort-of handle one day without washing it, but two days it out of the question. So my plan of great haircut and cool glasses didn’t happen. I felt gross and greasy.

It isn’t Jeff Pulver’s fault, nope. He knows how to host a breakfast and the social media toolkit is a blast. I got tagged, my wall got written on, I traded business cards with a few people. I also got to catch up with some Twitter friends last night and this morning. On paper the events were great, in reality I’m feeling a bit blue.

I’m missing a someone who was in my life and no longer is. Well, he is, I guess we’re still friends, but he isn’t in the way that he was a month ago or two months ago. And more than I miss him, I think I miss the potential that I felt we had. There was something quite heady about thinking I was on the verge of an amazing romance. I miss that and I miss him. I don’t think it’s mutual and that makes me blue, too.

So I’m gonna light shabbat candles, take a real shower and go to synagogue and try not to cry my eyes out. Unless that is what I need, in which case I will.

UPDATE: Apparently I needed a hot shower, which I took after I originally wrote this post. I’m feeling a whole lot less blue now that my hair isn’t greasy and my face is clean. Don’t worry about Jones.

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