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What my friends have said about NOTW.

So, yeah, I emailed everyone I know and begged them to vote for me for Neighborhoodie of the Week. I had it hard, because I was against the Bridge and Tunnel Broad. Guys that went to the site to vote for me, got distracted and voted for her. And then I think people who really didn’t want her to win and saw that I couldn’t win, voted for CARPY.

Here are what a few friends said:

Having just voted (for the third time) for you (and Al) as Neighbourhoodies of the Week–which I have to admit strikes me as a strange phenomenon on all fronts–I feel it necessary to speak a few words of encouragement to you.

(I have noticed that you have less than 1/5 the number of votes obtained by the leader.) I’d like to affirm that you are both a beautiful person and certainly more valuable in every way than the average voter for Neighbourhoodies could ever appreciate. I have the utmost confidence in this conclusion, primarily because the photo that currently has the lead features a skinny white guy with an olive drab shirt on, holding a large matching fish. Such circumstances make me suspect that either this whole ‘voting’ thing is rigged (like a South American democratic election) or the voter populace really prefers an obviously inferior candidate (like an American democratic election). We may only speculate on the reasons for either one of these conditions; however, in either case it remains my duty as an honest and forthright friend–as someone who knows something about the infinite value of your real person–to voice my support to you personally.

In short: I hope you win (for fun’s sake), but if you don’t, don’t take it too hard. Love, e


So how is it that you get your photo with famous people on a website! You kill me, I always know that you’re up to something cool and fabulous.

One day we’ll hang out again, Marns.

I voted for you, but I am confused. What does your hoodie say? And why did you go to a Weird Al concert.

If your hoodie meets Johnny C, you can never wash it again, and you’ll have to let me touch it when I see you next.


Hey Leah,

Okay, I have no idea what a neighborhoodie is, but I
put in my vote for you and Al and got you up to 46
votes. I tried to vote again, but it wouldn't let me,
so I guess there will be no fixing of the ballots
here! I hope all is well with you!

Good luck, I have been GOTV as much as I can. 
For the people of this great country, you shall win.
- Jake 
As much as I'd like to help you, I voted for bridge and tunnel ho.
Nothing personal, Leah, but I've always been a staunch supporter of women
willing to look sultry and wear shorts smaller than my underwear.

Normally I would be afraid to utter comments like this but I'm taking
Brazilian Jujitsu now.

In a few short weeks I will be able to kick some ass provided you grab my
wrist with the thumb facing out.
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