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When challah takes a turn towards biscuit

I don’t recognize the airy cloud of dough in my oven. What did I make? It certainly isn’t normal challah. It might be a little more like biscuit dough or something, I just don’t know. The texture is all wrong. What was I thinking? Buying a 2 lb bag of flour when I know that it takes 2 1/2 pounds to get 2 cups? I trusted the bag–it said that it contained 7 cups.

But it didn’t and now I have wierd, light challah dough that is 1/2 a pound short of flour? It is already on the second rising and I don’t know what to do with it? Bake pretzels? Make biscuits? Seriously–what do you do with challah gone so terribly wrong?

Bad timing too, cause it was supposed to be a surprise for dinner tomorrow. I guess it won’t be–because it won’t even be challah. It will be wierd braided biscuit pretzel bread with poppyseeds.

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