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“When Harry Met Sally” it aint

My favorite on screen romance is between Harry and Sally in “When Harry Met Sally.” Two longtime friends realize (after a minor disaster) that they are, in fact, perfect for each other. This is my fantasy. I don’t want it to include a sympathy fuck or three months of not speaking to each other, but the end result–marrying a friend you never considered in that light before.

My problem is that since this is my romantic ideal, I am CONSTANTLY considering my guy friends in that light. So much that I sometimes have problems just enjoying the friendship.

The book He’s Just Not That Into You was helpful on the first reading. I said to myself, “duh, it’s never going to happen. Just enjoy the friendship.” Then a friend will go and do something helpful or nice and I’ll say, “But maybe he loves me.” Then I reread He’s Just Not That Into You and it didn’t have the same magical elixer effect the second time around. Damn.

Now I’m back to torturing myself and trying to remedy the solution by finding romance somewhere else–Jdate, Craigslist, at the Starbucks… anywhere but in the rolodex of guy friends who are simply that. Friends. Chances are HUGE that I do not currently know Harry. I just have to remember that and renew my jdate subscription.

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