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Where there once was not, now there is.

Since May, my front room has gone virtually unused. Other than hosting a few out of town guests and being painted by me, roommate, and dad–it has sat unused. Why? I hate to admit it, but no TV. I read in bed and spend a lot of time on the internet, as does my roommate. But in his own bed and on his own computer.

Yesterday, fortune appeared with a 20 inch or so TV. It’s a flat screen (oooh aaah) and a phillips, so good stuff. I raced to the Radio Shack and bought Rabbit Ears. (Yes, if I don’t have a TV, I double don’t have cable.) I came home and quickly found a Friend’s rerun on WGN. Breath in, breath out.

Then my roommie came home and we switched to the Olympics. Damn, too bad I didn’t get to watch more of the Olympics, but the canoeing finals were great!

Anyway, I won’t be doing much for the next two weeks other than working and watching TV. I have a lot of pop culture to catch up on.

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